Rossland Ball Fields

Rossland plays host to two baseball fields ideal for both fast-pitch and slow-pitch. Both fields are located centrally within a ten minute walk of Rossland’s heritage downtown center.

Rossland's Lions campground features one baseball field that sits under the surrounding mountains of the Rossland Range and enjoys fantastic views. The community ball field has full fencing and two wooden covered dugouts. The park setting is surrounded by trees, picnic fields and a full service campground adjacent to the ball field

Just two blocks downhill from Columbia Ave. Rossland's main street is the Cooke St. Ball field. Situated in a residential neighbourhood, this community park hosts the local slow pitch league.


The Lion’s campground ballpark is accessed via the parking area on Valves Road off of Dunn Crescent in lower Rossland. Also accessed through the Lion’s Campground on Black Bear Drive.


As Canada's second highest elevation city at 1,023 meters Rossland receives over 2,000 hours of sunshine a year as it often sits above the clouds and valley fog. Situated in a natural alpine amphitheatre surrounded by the mountains of the Rossland range windy days are rare. Average summer temperatures are 25 C high and 11 C low.

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